Will previous debt to any school affect my Pell grant eligibility in any way?

The Pell Grant is given by the government to provide financial aid to low-income students who are otherwise unable to pay for their education, either for their undergraduate degrees or certain postbaccalaureate programs that can be certified. While there are only certain schools that are participating, there are at least 54,000 of these, so students … Read more

Does financing a car affect pell grant eligibility negatively?

Nowadays, attending college and finishing a degree could prove to be difficult. Because of continually increasing tuition fees, most students coming from middle-class to lower-class families find it nearly impossible to finish college. There are a number of parents that cannot sustain their children’s schooling which is why these students still have to get part-time … Read more

What Makes You Eligible for a Pell Grant?

There are various scholarships available to students with low incomes pursuing an undergraduate degree. The Pell Grant is available from the Federal Government. There is a wide range of criteria that you have to meet in order to be eligible for receiving this funding. It is worth considering them before you decide to apply. You … Read more