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If you want to pursue an undergraduate post-secondary education but do not have sufficient funds to pay the course fee, you may be eligible for Federal Pell Grant Program. There is a list of approved colleges and institutions that allow you to get enrolled in their course programs while using the Pell Grant money to cover the fee. In some cases, you may also get Pell Grant for a master‘s degree course, such as the course programs that are directed towards teacher certification or licensing. Following are some of the frequently asked questions about Pell Grants.

Approved Post-Secondary Institutions

The US Department of Education Programs provides the list of post-secondary institutions that are approved for Pell Grant. Every academic year, the Department issues a “Guide to U.S. Department of Education Programs”. In this guidebook, you can find all the information on the specific programs approved for Pell Grants. This is an exhaustive list, as it includes over five thousand post-secondary institutions. The details of every program, such as the name of the course program, its mission, eligibility, assistance criteria, availability, funding, and contact information, is provided in this book.

The Disbursement Of The Pell Grant Fund

There are several ways in which the Pell Grant money is disbursed to the school you are enrolled in. However, the method differs from one school to another. For example, in some cases, a partial amount of the Pell Grant money may be made to the student and the remaining amount to the college. Alternatively, your school may also choose to credit your account with the Pell grant payments. In the latter case, your account must be credited at least once per term. Whatever method the school chooses for the disbursement of the Pell Grant fund, you should be notified in writing that how and when the payments will be made and whether you qualify for some refund, as well.

How To Know Whether You Are Going To Receive The Pell Grant Award

After you have submitted the FAFSA application form, you can track the progress of your application by checking its status online on the website where you filled out the application form. Alternatively, you can also give a call to the Federal Student Aid Information Center. It is a toll-free number and the best time to call them is between 9 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). Please note that they are closed on weekends (Saturday and Sunday).

How Much Amount Can You Get?

The exact amount of money differs from one student to another. There are several factors that determine the amount of the Pell Grant, such as your personal background, your financial status, the course and the school you are getting enrolled in, and things like that. In any case, the maximum amount that can be awarded to you is $5,550 as of now. However, this amount increases by $200 every year. So in 2022-2023, the maximum amount will be $6,895.

The Pell Grant amount – no matter how much it is – does not cover more than 75% of the tuition fee in a public college. On average, it covers only 45% of the course fee.

What if you fail to get a Pell Grant?

You shouldn’t lose hope there are lots of other funding options out there, especially thousands of scholarships and educational grants.


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