What are Pell Grant requirements?

A college degree is needed to have a competitive edge in the workplace these days. However, getting a diploma is not that easy, and paying for higher education is undoubtedly expensive. In order to make schooling accessible to everyone, there are now various grants and scholarships offered by different institutions. The government itself has taken … Read more

How Long It Takes to Get a Pell Grant

As a student having an insufficient income, you are entitled to financial aid for covering the cost of your studies. You should not miss out on any opportunity to get additional funding for your studies. The Pell Grant is now more easily accessible than ever before given that the eligibility criteria have been lowered. The … Read more

Can Parent and Child Both Receive Pell Grants?

It is not uncommon for a child and one of his/her parents to enroll in college together. If both of them manage to receive a Pell Grant, they will really have a less problematic start at school. Indeed, the family budget will be relieved to a great extent. Still, both parties should know how the … Read more

Can You Get Extra Pell Grant Money for Attending a More Expensive School?

The awarding and disbursing of federal student aid have been simplified, but the process is still complex. A lot of students who are eligible for a Pell Grant find it difficult to figure out how much money they will get and what the sum will be applied to. It is perfectly normal for you to … Read more

Why Did I Miss Out? | Pell Grant Denied

For all candidates that successfully secure Pell Grants, there are a number of students that go away disappointed. This is only natural – after all, Pell Grants don’t have to be repaid, which makes them one of the most popular grants in the country. The good news is that if you miss out one year, … Read more

Understanding Pell Grant Requirements

Among the scholarship options available today, Pell Grants are on everyone’s Most Wanted list. The reason for this is simple – these grants do not have to be paid back. In other words, they are free money for the lucky students that qualify! For students that normally wouldn’t have a chance at college education, this … Read more