Eligibility of Students on a 2nd Bachelor’s Degree Course for the Pell Grant

There are a number of scholarships available to undergraduate students from the Federal Government. The Pell Grant is one of them. It is not a loan, so you do not have to return the money. This makes the grant an excellent source of funding for your education. Still, it has specific rules that you should know about.

The determination of eligibility is a very important aspect that you should look into first. The situation with students pursuing a 2nd bachelor’s degree is more specific, so you should not miss to consider it.

Regrettably, students who have completed a bachelor’s degree course and have been awarded a diploma cannot get the Pell Grant to finance a second bachelor’s degree they are pursuing. This is a standard regulation and there are no exceptions. Still, there have been cases in which students enrolled in a 2nd undergraduate degree program are advised to apply for the grant by the financial aid offices of colleges.

This is not a common mistake, but it can occur because the actual schools are responsible for managing and disbursing the funds the student receives. As a result, the financial aid office might not have the relevant educational information for a student who has not completed their bachelor’s degree in the same school.

Generally, for the time being, students pursuing a second bachelor’s degree are not eligible for the Pell Grant. If you are in this situation, you should not despair, despite this sad fact. The Federal Government is making a lot of efforts to make higher education more accessible for students from low-income groups.

As a result, they have made it possible for students, who are enrolled in specific post graduate programs and pursuing master’s degree, to get the Pell Grant. This means that they might allow students on second bachelor’s degree courses to get the scholarship in the near future.

You are highly recommended to be on the look out for any changes. Hopefully, they will be announced timely. The great thing about the Pell Grant is that you can apply for it year by year. It is possible to get two times during an award year as well. This means that you might easily benefit from this grant in the future, if it becomes available to students in your situation.

For the time being, you should not waste time and effort applying for the Pell Grant, if you are pursuing a second bachelor’s degree. It is a good idea to focus on looking for other scholarships and loans available to college students in your situation. You can consider contacting your financial aid office, but you can also do the research yourself.

Keep in mind that there are different programs from the Federal Government as well as from educational institutions, local governments and private organizations.

Overall, you cannot apply for Pell Grant when you are pursuing a second bachelor’s degree, but you may be eligible for it when you enroll in a postgraduate program. Just be watchful and grab every education financing opportunity you come across. You will certainly manage your finances better.


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