Apply For Pell Grants Through FAFSA

Are you financially weak and looking for a grant to pursue an undergraduate course? If yes, you can avail of the aids and grants offered by the government, educational institutions and other private organizations for students belonging to low income group. One such grant offered by the US Department of Education is Pell Grant.

This grant is given to economically weak students for their undergraduate studies. Getting grants is a very good means to complete your education, as you do not have to return this money. Since government offers so many benefits to students, it is best to fulfill your dreams of higher education with the help of these grants.

Each year a fixed budget is set by the US Education Department to disburse as Pell grants. Some of the students have been granted up to $4500 as Pell grant in the past. But before you apply for this aid, you should check whether you are eligible for it. Generally Pell grants are offered to US citizens only. In some exceptional cases the grant may be offered to non-US citizens too.

To get the Pell grant you should be a student of an undergraduate program in one of the approved colleges. Even if you have received the offer letter for admission to a bachelor’s program, then also you can apply for Pell grant. Pell grant is not only available to full time students but to part time students too.

One of the most important eligibility requirements is that you should belong to a low-income group. Usually the grant is offered to students with personal income (if independent) or family income (if dependent) less than $20000. This condition may be relaxed in certain cases and students with personal or family income of $50000 may also get the Pell grant.

This grant is offered on first come first basis. Hence it is advised that you should not wait for deadlines to submit your application form. It is now very easy to apply for Pell grant through FAFSA (Free Application Federal Student Aid).

The form is available online. You can fill the application online or you can take the print of the form, fill it and send it by mail. You should read all the instructions carefully before filling the application form. You will be required to give details of your education, name of the college, program you have enrolled in, future education plans, income and investments.

You have to submit many documents with the application form like income proof, W-2 forms, income tax returns, bank statements, social security number etc. You can access your application and reports online by signing up at FAFSA. You will get a pin, which allows you to access or make changes to your application form.

You can also view your student aid report online, which will be made available to you within three weeks after submitting the form. If there are any errors, you should report it immediately and get it corrected.

It is advised that you should give all the correct information for getting the grant. If at any stage, the department finds that any information furnished by you is incorrect, then you will be liable to return the entire grant with fine.


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